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Noreve Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

  • January 21, 2016 at 1:42 am

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an elegant phone. It has a faux leather back plate which is quite new in the mobile phone industry. Samsung is truly a company that envisions innovation in their products.

Even though the mobile phone is quite elegant and it also has impressive specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S5 could use some form of protection. There are a lot of protective cases out there for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but we will look into a particular case that adds to the luxurious aesthetic of the S5.

The Noreve Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a good case for the mobile phone. The case is made out of leather on the front side and TPU plastic on the back side.

The back side of the Noreve Leather case is made out of TPU plastic, which is most commonly found in other mobile phone protective cases. This should be enough to protect your Samsung Galaxy S5 from any drops, accidental bumps, and certain impacts.

But, that is not what makes the Noreve Leather case so uniquely luxurious. This case is famous for its elegant leather front cover. The leather front cover has a window where you can see the most basic information you need.

Did you receive a missed call? Or perhaps, you want to read a text message. You can do all of that without even opening the front leather cover.

The front cover of this case is so nice to touch and it really adds to the aesthetic of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It comes in a variety of colors, but if you order any color other than black, you may have to pay an extra fee for it.

Another good thing about this case is that it doesn’t hinder you from using the mobile phone’s basic functions. It has perfectly made cutouts for all the ports so you don’t have to take off the phone from the case in case you want to charge the phone, for example.

The Noreve Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is also very grippy and it doesn’t slip out of your hands. The front leather cover really does a fine job of adding to the overall grip of the phone.

And lastly, a standout feature of the Noreve Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is the built-in stand. Enjoy content and other media directly from your Samsung Galaxy S5 because this case allows you to view the content hands-free!

All you have to do is angle the phone ever so slightly while it is in the case. Then, you’re ready to watch that movie or TV series whenever you use your Samsung Galaxy S5!

As I’ve said before, there are a lot of protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5. But I found that the Noreve Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most luxurious ones and it also has a lot of functionality as well.

With great looks and overall protection, the Noreve Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a perfect case for your mobile phone. This case costs only $40.