Choosing the best gym flooring

  • January 31, 2017 at 9:17 am

With so many gym flooring options, it can be difficult to choose an option that is suitable for your needs. Rubber gym flooring mats are one of the most popular variants, as they are easy to fit, and relatively cheap.

Whether you install rubber gym flooring or not should not be a question, as this flooring is very cheap in comparison to the expensive equipment which it protects, mats usually come in 1m x 1m squares and vary in thicknesses from 15mm upwards. These mats can reduce vibrations and noise, ideal if your gym is located in residential area.

How to install your gym mats

Gym mats can be installed quickly using a hammer and glue (optional), these mats are easily fitted thanks to their square design, so they fit most rooms with ease.