Green Coffee Bean – as used in weight loss

  • April 12, 2011 at 7:12 pm

It seems that a day cannot pass without some new weight loss product hitting the market and promising positive results. The excitement caused by such announcements usually ends up being tempered when you hear about the laundry list of side effects that may potentially come with extended use. One supplement that has received a lot of positive feedback recently is green coffee bean extract, but the question of potential side effects has to come into play. It stands to reason that a supplement that sounds as good as the green coffee bean does would end up having a similar fate of others that have gone before, but is that really the case?

Before we talk about the potential side effects, you probably want to know what it is about the green coffee bean extract that is causing such a stir in the weight loss world. It is the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans that is the major player in the weight loss properties of this particular supplement. It is effective in keeping the weight off because it has been shown to inhibit the amount of glucose that makes it into the blood stream.

Now you know how it works, the question comes down to the side effects that may come with taking the green coffee bean extract. There has not been a ton of research done on the green coffee bean, but what has been done has revealed almost no sign of any type of negative side effect. One of the studies that was performed involved over 100 male participants, all of whom were given a daily green coffee bean extract supplement. When the trial was over, they all saw their blood pressure numbers improve, with none of them experiencing any kind of side effects during the trial.

A separate, smaller study took place in Japan over the course of a 2-month period. The results of that research proved to be almost identical to the other one we discussed, with side effects again not being any part of the equation. The one thing that has to be pointed out here, though, as that everyone who took part in both of the aforementioned tests were under strict orders about the dosages of green coffee bean extract that they should take. The same rules should be applied by anyone taking a supplement at home, which means carefully adhering to any and all instructions that come with the capsules.

The best bet is to make an appointment with your physician before deciding to start on a supplement or weight loss program of any kind. The biggest issue that might arise is with people who have any kind of intolerance towards caffeine. As long as the recommended daily dose is taken, there really shouldn’t be an issue. Taking the recommended dosage is basically the equivalent of having about 20% of the caffeine content found in your morning cup of coffee.